The Flashback

The Flashback是一隊香港實驗流行搖滾樂隊,揉合英倫迷幻、日系跳脫、放肆狂野的搖滾元素,創造出時而括靜如斯、時而歇斯底里的錯覺。
「Flashback」一詞意指電影中的閃回鏡頭。我們喜歡故弄玄虛,遊走於不一樣的觀點與角度,扭曲、放大你的感官 — 因為只有感受,才能夠理解通透。

 A Hong Kong indie band established in 2018.

The Flashback, with the word - "flashback" - used in movie industry, shows our passion in movies, espeically the communications and linkage between images and music.

Our songs inspired by different music styles such as Britpop (e.g. Coldplay, Oasis, The 1975, Arctic Monkeys), Post Rock and J-Rock (e.g. One OK Rock, Radwimps). By spicing up with different musical elements, we create a unique style of our own.

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